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We make things very simple for you by creating an environment where you can enjoy your banking experience.  Oh sure…we laugh a lot.  And our CEO is known for really bad jokes.  But we enjoy what we do, which makes it easy to create a great bank for you to manage your finances in.

 Most big box banks will never know your name…never know what your business is all about…never invite you to a Texas Hold 'Em tournament (no, we don’t use real money…it's for charity)…and never think to ask you what you really want in a bank. 

At Sierra Vista Bank, we not only listen, we do what you need because we are a service organization here for your benefit. 

We don’t do anything by the "cookie cutter" approach.  Each customer is unique and invaluable to us and we know it.  And you will know it.  From the moment we answer the phone to the minute you leave any of our locations you’ll notice the difference.  Because we genuinely care about you, our customer.  We understand that what is best for you….is also best for us. 

We are everything but ordinary.


Equal Housing Lender Member FDIC
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