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Personal Loans

Overdraft Protection

Protect your credit and save unwanted fees by signing up for Sierra Vista Bank's overdraft plan. If checks written exceed your balance, advances in $100 increments will be transferred into your checking account. Your minimum monthly payment would be $25.00 or 5.0% of the outstanding balance whichever is greater. The term of the overdraft account will begin as of the date of approval and terminate when the account is terminated.
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Personal Loans or Lines of Credit

Personal loans or lines of credit can provide you access to funds for a variety of purposes. We offer both secured and unsecured options.
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Home Equity Lines

Use the equity you have in your home - the value of your house minus any outstanding mortgages - to obtain needed funds for a variety of purposes. Approvals are fast on amounts under $250,000.00.
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Residential Construction Financing

Build your dream home on your own lot with financing from Sierra Vista Bank. We can provide a lot loan early in your process to allow you time to work with your architect to finalize your plans. Our financing terms can be flexible to allow you time to complete the construction as you have imagined it.
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Equal Housing Lender Member FDIC
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